About the Dogs


Full Name: Broken Butt's Declaration 1776, CGC
Breed: Border Collie X Australian Cattle Dog mix
Nicknames: Plume Tail, Mr. Q, Qwilly, Q-Man, The Favorite
Tag Line: Heart and Soul
Color: Royal Blue
Gotcha Day: 9/15/07 @ 2 years old
Favorite past times: speed tackling unsuspecting victims, chasing after and stealing balls from whoever did the most work fetching them, cuddling with mom, barking, fun policing.
Lifetime Aspiration: To have every strand of fur scratched, petted, stroked, or rubbed off his body.
Pet Peeves: baths, being unable to say hello to new people, the red dot.
Broken Butt: Yes, Qwill has extreme genetic deformation (hip dysplasia) in both hips



Full Name: Broken Butt's Dimond in da Ruff
Breed: Border Collie X some unknown breed mix (Tibetan spaniel?)
Nicknames: Shiney, Midget, Midgey-Man, Emo Puppy
Tag Line: Midgey Man
Color: Red
Gotcha Day: 2/17/08 @ 3-4(ish) years old
Favorite past times: beating up on the puppy, acquiring treats, eating, giving high fives, being with his Grams.
Lifetime Aspiration: To body meld with his Grams so he never has to leave her ever.
Misc. Awards: Voted 1st place Herding Group MangoMinster 2009.  Won 3rd place in Best in Show at MangoMinster 2009.
Pet Peeves: getting wet, physical therapy, sharing
Broken Butt: Yes, Shiner suffered major trauma to his left hip that resulted in multiple fractures of the pelvis and hip joint.



Full Name: Broken Butt's Law of Murphy, CGC, FMX, MBDCh, TFP, NA, ATD
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog X Labrador Retriever mix
Nicknames: Trophy, Trophers, Dophers, Hoover, Stinker Weasle
Tag Line: Trick Pony
Color: Yellow
Birth Day: 5/10/08
Favorite past times: annoying the older dogs, running around like crazy, playing with his brothers and friends, playing chase, flyball, eating EVERYTHING
Lifetime Aspiration(s): To be the best hunter in the universe
Flyball Personal Best Time: 4.653
Pet Peeves: standing still
Broken Butt: Kind of. While Trophy does not have hip dysplasia, he does have a degenerative nerve disease in his rear legs.



Full Name: Broken Butt's Born to Fly
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Baxty, Bax-terrific, Spaz
Tag Line: LIGHTS on the CEILING
Color: Orange
Gotcha Day: May 6, 2009 at 5 years old.
Favorite past times: frisbee, frisbee, disc, frisbee. Shaking the stuffing out of stuffed toys, and playing ball.
Lifetime Aspiration: To own all the toys.
Pet Peeves: strange dogs.
Broken Butt: Kind of.  While he doesn't have hip dysplasia, he has a weak ligament in his rear leg that causes his hip to pop out of place on occasions (not nearly as much any more as when he was first adopted).



Full Name: Broken Butt's Total Annihilation, FM, MBDCh, TFP-I
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Demo, Monster, Demereux (Dem-a-row), Demi, Dem
Tag Line: Real Men Wear Pink
Color: Pink
Gotcha Day: Jan 2, 2012 at 15 months old
Birth Day: Nov 15, 2010
Favorite past times: destroying EVERYTHING, playing with jolly balls bigger than his head.
Lifetime Aspiration: to do all the things, or die trying.
Flyball Personal Best Time: 4.251
Pet Peeves: men in hats, strange dogs
Broken Butt: We don't believe so.



Full Name: Broken Butt's Notice to Vacate, FDCH-S, MBDCH-S, TFE
Breed: Australian Shepherd (mini?)
Nicknames: Eevee, Eevil, Eevers, Squeak, Weasel, Freak
Tag Line: Eevee, I choose you!  Bossy Aussie Pants
Color: Lime Green
Gotcha Day: Apr 19, 2013 @ 8 weeks
Birth Day: Feb 15, 2013
Favorite past times: Barking, frisbee, chasing her brothers, full body cuddling
Lifetime Aspiration: Coming Soon
Flyball Personal Best Time: 4.386 with a picture perfect pass!
Pet Peeves: Being quiet.
Broken Butt: We don't believe so.



Full Name: Mythcreant's Jar of Mischief, CGC, FMX, MBDCh-G, TFP-III
Breed: English Setter
Nicknames: Pan, Panda, Panda-Bear, Pancake, Pannycakes, Pandemonium, P.K.
Tag Lines: Run First Think Later, I do what the unicorns and butterflies in my head tell me to do.
Color: Purple
Birthday: August 17, 2009
Favorite past times: Bouncing, playing in water, stealing toys, playing FLYBALL!
Lifetime Aspiration: To live in a mud puddle, and have 3 hands petting her AT.ALL.TIMES.
Flyball Personal Best Time: 4.354
Misc. Awards: #1 Ranked English Setter in U-FLI,  Fastest English Setter (singles) in U-FLI,   #5 Ranked English Setter in NAFA.
Pet Peeves: Waiting.
Broken Butt: No



Full Name: Mythcreant's Out Of Chaos
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Toad, Toady, Kode
Color: Neon Green
Birth Day: March 2005
Favorite past times: playing ball. playing ball. playing ball. scootering, and playing ball.
Pet Peeves: Trophy and nail trims
Lifetime Aspiration: to become human.
Broken Butt: No