Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spring Pole Fun

A few weeks ago when the pups over at So Fly: My Life with Flyball Dogs got their own spring pole and shared the tutorial on how to make one, I was inspired.  I wanted to make one for a LONG time.

So this weekend I did.

Actually I made two.

My dogs are bigger than Koira from So Fly, so I went with a much heavier duty spring as I not only foresaw my 40-50 pound dogs going to town on this thing, but I also wanted to eliminate anything breaking from more than one dog tugging on the same tug.

I got heavy duty Carabiner clips (rated for 200 pounds), heavy duty eyelets (rated for 190 pounds) and porch swing springs (with a max load of something like 320 pounds).  I used some long fleece tugs I had on hand at first, but ended up braiding a new really long one so the puppy could play more.

 Koda (on the pink tug above) loved it and spent the most time on it.  I thought for sure Demo would love it as well, but we had to hide his jollyballs and encourage him to play, although you can see that he did get into it for a bit.

The tugs are on carabiners so I can easily unclip them from the spring and bring them inside so the dogs are never unsupervised with the spring poles.

In all I spent $45 on the two, not including the tugs since I had them on hand.

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad your dogs enjoyed it. But, I don't think your dogs are that much bigger than mine. Koira is 42 lbs and Pallo is 37. And I would guarantee that Koira has more tugging force than any of your dogs!