About Me

 Hi! It's me, the Mawm.  Well, unless you happen to be human, then you can call me Lexi.  Border Collie enthusiast, flyball addict, lover and maker of dog collars, dog trainer, and total noob at agilitiez.  This is my little slice of the internet.  Well, this is the 2.0 version of my little slice of the internet (former adventures from the original blog can be found here).

I adopted my first dog, Qwill, in 2007 and everything has snowballed from there.  I quickly added 2 more dogs to the family, moved across country and added a few more.

I started training in Flyball in February 2011 with Trophy.  We entered our first NAFA tournament in July 2011 after 5 months of training and I was instantly hooked.  I needed more.  I "stole" my sister's dog, Pan, and started training her as well.  She debuted in U-FLI singles and pairs in September 2011, and in NAFA at the 2011 CanAm in October.  In January 2012 I added Demo to the pack and started training him for flyball.  He debuted in UFLI's new preflight class in July and, following in Pan's pawprints, debuted in NAFA at the 2012 CanAm after literally figuring out how to finally catch a ball ONE WEEK before.  His focus on the lanes is incredible and I'm so excited to watch him mature in the sport.  In 2013 We added Eevee to the pack, very hopeful that she will stay small enough to be a height dog and one day I can run my very own flyball dream team. Update: Eevee is officially a 9" height dog in UFLI!

My goal is to get as many people addicted to the sport of flyball as possible, starting with my friend Jessica who has Cocoa a 5 pound fluffball. It has expanded to my friend Matt who doesn't even have a dog in training, but who has a real knack for the sport and is awesome running Demo in Start position (already boasting a perfect start to their record at Matt's second tournament)!  I've finally succeded in also getting my sister addicted to flyball after she put up a good fight against it for 3 years!  She and Pan have perfected the art of passing (Pan and I still rock starting, having earned 3 perfect starts together!).

Trophy and I started training in Agility in October 2011 more as a way to force my sister to do something with her dog Pan.  I never had goals of trialing or earning titles, but I have fallen in love with the teamwork that comes from working with a dog so near and dear to your heart.  While Pan has been (hopefully temporarily) retired from agility training, Trophy will hopefully be making his AKC agility debut in August 2013! Demo began his agility classes in February 2013 and is a natural.  Due to health issues Trophy has retired from agility, and due to some stress in my life that I need to address that was affecting our teamwork, Demo's agility training has been put on temporary hold.  Eevee started agility training in January and is doing well.