Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trophy's going to be an Agility dog after all!

Trophy had an AMAZING class tonight!   His weaves still need a little work, but he was really picking up speed.  He was so HAPPY to be on the course, everyone said how excited he looked.  Maybe the cooler weather was agreeing with him?  Even his jump sequences were rockin'!  The fact that almost every run had a teeter was just icing on the cake for Trophy. Haha :)

Tonight my instructor asked if I was ever planning on trialing with him.

Yes, I answered. Do you think he's ready?

Her response was something like  "psshhhyeah". lol!

So, we are planning his agility Debut for January as I will be taking a break from Flyball tournaments this winter, so I will have the money to enter a trial or three. :)

I'm really excited with this change in attitude with the addition of hotdogs to his training program. :)

Only downside is that the trial she wants me to enter is an AKC trial... I was hoping to NOT ever give the AKC money... BUT  it means I can aim for a MACH with him...  haha... yeah right.  :)

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