Monday, October 22, 2012

Random musings on my life with my dogs

Yesterday I had several small, odd, things happen while spending time with my dogs.

First.  I found a dead blue jay while poop scooping the back yard.  This was odd because usually Trophy finds dead birds before me and they had been running around for almost 45 minutes before I started poop scooping.  So I loaded the bird (it was much bigger than I thought!) onto my scoop and walked it over to the bucket and dumped it in with the rest of the poop.  As I'm walking away, THAT's when Trophy decides to take notice of said bird, and tried to crawl into the poop bucket to pull the bird out.  Yuck!

Second, Baxter is obsessed with light reflections.  Trophy, Pan and Koda all have mirror finished tags on their collars they wear to work (which they were all wearing yesterday outside).  The shiny tags are VERY good at reflecting the sun.  Baxter spend most of the time outside following Trophy and trying to catch the light as it bounced on the grass.

Finally, once we were all back inside, one moment Pan is chewing on a Nylabone and the next she's chowing down on poop.  I have no idea where the poop came from.  It was not from the litterbox.  Eww!

Yep. my dogs are really weird. :)

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