Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Panda's Return to Agilitiez

Panda and my sister had their first Agility class tonight in months.  Since my sister still isn't feeling up to 100% health she ran Trophy and I ran Pan.  I was expecting to have to reign in a train wreck of a dog, but she did REALLY well!  The course tonight was interesting, lots of interwoven jumps calling for lots of rear crosses.  I just kind of went balls out with her and she nailed all the crosses except one front cross because she broke her stay on the dog walk and I wasn't in the right position yet.

She did dive into her contacts though (even if she didn't stay)!  That was new, something i'd been working on with her in her "off" time.  Scared the crap out of me when i sent her into a tunnel to the A-frame and she SOARED over the A-frame.  I thought she was going to die, but she slammed right into her 2o2o!  I was so proud!

Now we just need her to weave.  I said I wasn't going to teach her to weave, but Tasha offered to pay me to do it so OF COURSE I said yes!  So, Trophy is going to move his agility debut to April, the next local AKC trial!

Trophy was also fabulous tonight.  I need to fix his weave entries, but the rest of his weaving was AMAZING!  I am so proud of where I've come with him.

Lastly, Demo starts next week in agility and I'm really excited to get him going!!

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