Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flyball Hangover 2.0

I love the term flyball hangover. It's so perfect to describe the aftermath of the crazy exertion of this sport all weekend.

For the dogs it means:
-being too tired to lay down before falling asleep. (Pan slept sitting up the entire drive home, she had plenty of room to lay down, she just... didn't)
-sleeping in an akward position that can't possibly be comfy, only you're fast asleep, so apparently it's comfy... enough. (Demo, who slept with his head cranked at a 90 degree angle to his body the entire way home using the door as a pillow)
-being so tired you don't bark when the front door opens. (Thankfully it wasn't a burgler!)
-long blinks that turn into longer blinks
-grumbling/growling when you are unexpectidely woken up.

For me it means:
-waking up Monday with tiny bruises on my lap from Pan using me as a launching board
-pain in my right thumb from being chomped on too many times while giving out cheese
-discovering an asortement of scratches/bruises i didnt know about when the shower water causes them to burn
-constant ringing in my ears for two days
-a very sore right leg (since i always get up from the floor starting with the same leg, it's like i did a million lunges but only with my right leg...ow)

After this weekend it also means i have to find a safe spot to store/display these babies:

Trophy and Pan both earned their FM titles this weekend! I snagged the balls from their winning runs, complete with victory slobber.

Trophy's team had a much harder time acomplishing this that i would have thought, we had more hot passes than i've ever seen from one of our teams (i was guilty for 2 of them, and one with Pan). When our second race resulted in only 28 points i was worried that Pan might get her FM and Trophy wouldn't! We eventually pulled it together with two races to spare.

Pan's team did phenominally all weekend. They were our Multi team, and were seeded last in the only multi division. I was expecting them to go 3-and-out all weekend. Thankfully, due to racing those "division 1" teams that push their passes, despite the fact we ran 3 full seconds slower, we ended up going to 5 heats most of the time. Whereas Trophy's team in Division 3 Regular, seeded last against other teams there also racing for the points, did go 3-and-out all pretty much all weekend.

Once they earned their titles Demo finally got to race. I put him in for 3 races. He was running faster, 4.5's passing until i decided to widen our passing a bit (compared to his 4.6s starts in Euclid). His turn looked really nice too. And then we had a race where both of the left-turn dogs took bad bobbles. Bandy in the second heat, and then Demo in the third had another bobble that he chased into the left lane and we got called for the interferance. I'm so very grateful that his wild bobbles havent caused a collision with the other team, although he did try to take out the judge (twice) during that race.

Well, i'm off to get ready for work. Let's hope my hungover body can manage it!

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  1. Flyball hangover is exactly what I am having too! Only, mind includes the lap bruises, a split lip (from a muzzle punch to the face), and a sore left shoulder from keeping Pallo from lunging at the start dog as it raced by us at the beginning of each heat. For the first time, I decided to take of Monday and give myself time to recover (probably a good thing since I look like I was punched in the face...)