Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Cost Of Not "Over Vaccinating"

This article was just shared by a facebook friend of mine:

A dog in florida contracted rabies because he wasn't given a rabies vaccine for SEVEN years. Two other dogs in the house had to be PTS because they had NEVER been vaccinated.

If you don't want to over vaccinate, then get the 3 year rabies and when your dog is an adult don't get Bord/DHLPP/etc unless it is required by your boarding facility or organizations you belong to (therapy orgs require vaccines). If your vet doesn't give the 3 year vaccine go to a vet that does, and get the vaccine ever 3 years as required by law. Can't afford vaccines? Go to a low cost clinic!

I only give Rabies and DHLPP to my dogs and both are 3 year vaccines, we get them done by a low cost vet an hour away because it's very cheap and worth the drive.

So sad that this was so easily prevented!!


  1. Any links to the actual story? The links in the blog post you showed didn't go to any specific stories about the dog referenced.

    1. I came up empty handed, asked the original blog to link to the story. I will share what I find if I get a follow up.