Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bossy Aussie Pants

When i started researching some breeders late last year as options for my next dog, i had some goals in mind, as this would be my first dog purchased from a breeder.

-not looking for a litter prior to fall 2015 (So Demo would be around 4y.o.)
-one of the following breeds: English Setter, Mini Aussie, Border Collie
-preferably bred from a sport dog background, able to compete in flyball and agility, but a breeder who is in touch with the history of the breed and their instincts (herding or hunting as the case may be)
-must be male
-highly prefer black and white (black tri only if a mini aussie, as full sized aussies can be bi-colored black and white, but minis arent, for some reason).

And, um, well.... we brought this thing home Thursday.

This is Eviction, or Eevee for short. Eviction as in I'm seriously in contention for being evicted for getting an 8th dog, and Eevee is my favorite pokémon (judge me, i dont care :-P).

She is an 8(ish) week old red tri Aussie.

I'm hoping she will be under 25 pounds full grown, but the jury is still out.

Still working on her full name, as my sister and I are co-owning her and we're fighting over which prefix to use, and im not sure (prefix)'s Get Da Fuq Out is quite acceptable to put on all her paperwork. Maybe (prefix)'s Time To Move? (Prefix)'s Clothes On The Lawn?

She is the sassiest little munchkin with the sharpest teeth ever. She is also the most fearless little thing EVER. And i do mean fearless. She in infatuated with Baxter, for goodness sake! The other dogs are doing well with her, Pan in jealous, Demo is surprizingly curious and polite, Trophy is the only one to play with her yet, Baxter is trying his best to be nice, and the others have just ignored her.

We are alternating feeding her out of her bowl and using her kibble for training time. She almost has sit on commandand, and is working on down and release. Also been working on body awareness with a paw pod, both flat side down, and curved side down so she has to balance on the wobbly thing. She also attended her first flyball practice already where she did a couple chase recalls for a tug on flat ground. Potty training is going really well so far. At 8 weeks old she will sleep for about 6 straight hours overnight. One accident in her kennel, 2 in the house, but she's pretty easy to read when she has to go.

She is a rockstar, please dear doG let me not mess her up and help shape her to her true potential!!

ETA: her full official name I have decided to be BrokenButt's Notice to Vacate


  1. Congratulations! She's a totally cutie :) Whens it's right, it's right...lists and planning be damned!

    But oh my, good luck with 8 dogs. Honestly, I'm in total awe of you...I can't imagine living with more than 2 at a time!

    1. thanks! I manage play groups of 25+ dogs everyday at work, living with 8 is a piece of cake! :) They do most of the work entertaining each other.