Sunday, June 16, 2013

Demo and the Grown Up Agility Course

So... crazy things have happened.

The biggest thing, with the biggest impact to this blog is that Pan has been pulled from agility.  I'm sad about this for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that I got into agility because it was what my sister always wanted to do.  So to get her doing something with Pan I tracked down the agility instructor she started with with Koda way back when and signed up with Trophy in the same class.  Secondly, Pan has been doing better in agility than Trophy lately.

However, my sister still has some pretty major health concerns, the least of which being she may have to have a 5th surgery and her health insurance runs out in January if she doesn't find a "big girl" job before then...  SO.  We decided to pull Pan.  The look on Pan's face when my sister drove away with her in the car while I walked Trophy and Demo into the practice building was excruciating.  But, there's always Flyball for her.

So, now that a spot opened up and Demo is doing so well in his beginners class, we moved Demo up to fill Pan's spot.

He started running Grown Up agility courses Thursday night.  Now, if my head had been more in the game and less on my sister's health and pulling Pan, etc, we probably would have had an awesome run of it... instead I was foggy and slow to get my signals out.

But, Demo did very, very, very well for being a very green dog running basically a Master/Excellent level course.

Trophy did well, but not as well as I would have liked.  I hope it's because he was picking up on my mood.

We will see next week.

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