Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Surprise!

This past Saturday was Buckeye Border Collie Rescue's annual herding clinic.  It's basically a day of instinct testing dogs for herding drive and ability.  There's a pot luck, and a whole bunch of BBCR dogs and their new owners can get together and meet up and hang out.

This year I got the surprise of my life as not just one, but FOUR of my previously adopted out foster dogs came to the clinic, including the two dogs who touched my heart the most: Ash, who is still called Ash and who I had as a foster for almost 6 months, and Vivid, who is now called Cady (pronounced like Katie) and who I miss and think about almost every single day of my life since I almost adopted her (until we found out she has hip dysplacia in one hip, it's a long story).  Also present were Frost, now called Dylan, and Guinness.

My beautiful Vivie. She will always be Vivie to me.
[Sorry to her moms if they are reading this (;]

So it's 5 minutes after everyone arrives and I'm BAWLING because Ash, who is a very timid pup, was doing his shy cowering thing until I got Trophy out of the truck.  The second Ash smelled Trophy he went into wiggly puppy mode, his tail came untucked from his body and he gave Trophy about a million kisses.  And I do mean I was bawling...  I don't know when I became such an emotional sissy, but there it is.  I cried like a baby.  And then Vivid's Cady's moms walk over and introduce themselves since I hadn't met them yet either.  I was a wreck.  A little bit of a warning would have been really nice. But it was SO GOOD to see these dogs again.  Fostering is very hard, especially with dogs who become so attached to like I did with Ash and Viv Cady.
Ashes with his favorite Trophy

I'm processing the videos of everyone herding, I'll post them when I'm done uploading. :)

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