Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy Wrap Up

Shhhh. No, it hasn't been nearly two weeks since my last update. :)  Life got a bit hectic on me!  I decided I was pushing Trophy too much in weave practice, so we took a break.  Hoping to bring the poles out again this week after we both have a chance to recover from this weekend.  I canceled teaching class all week due to work being a busy nightmare. yay!

This weekend was our first flyball tournament since New Years Eve.  4 long months I've been drilling box turns and drilling box turns and drilling box turns.... and it didn't matter.  First two races of the day he was doing 3 footed turns and then he went right back to total disengagement of his butt.  He would once again hit straight on with his front feet let the momentum carry his but to be sideways in front of the jump and then push off the floor.  Not pretty.  Not good for his body.  Last tournament his turn would improve as the day went on, not this time.  Had him massaged Friday and Saturday as he wasn't stretching the left side of his body as nicely as his right and he was much better after each time.   Sometimes I wonder if flyball just isn't his thing and maybe I should give up... and then again I live for fixing his training issues, right? Right? Is this thing on?

We missed Pan dearly this weekend.  Trophy was on both teams for today's racing to back up and give Dodger a break.  He ran a total of 6 races for I don't know how many heats - a lot.  Only one race went 3 and out, most went to 5 heats.

He was bobbling the ball a lot on Friday, his stride was off.  I tried moving him around in the line to find a better release point.  Luckily we didn't have to worry about making tight passes to make time, we ran consistently at 20.5-21.5  some times slightly more, always under 24 seconds, so I could play around a bit.  We had only one bad pass the today.  Very good, clean racing.  Trophy's main team, Tactics, came in 3rd in our division both days and our Variety team, Special Ops, the team I box loaded for Friday (and Trophy backed up and ran on today) got 1st in their division both days.

Now, for some rest and recuperation.  I work at 5am tomorrow morning.

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