Friday, May 4, 2012

Lots of Celebration Days Coming Up... First Pan!

April 23 was our official "signed the paperwork, Officially Adopted Pan" Day.  Here's the video I made to celebrate a Year Of Pan!

Not much to talk about from Practice lately.

Trophy has been running ok.  Not spectacular, but not failing miserably either.  In flyball I'm trying to run him without the ball in the box to see if I can't get him to just remember his turn and stop over thinking about catching the ball (he keeps his turn at speed sans ball).  He's weird. Have I mentioned that?

Demo did run backs over 4 jumps to his tug with another dog in the other lane (gates between the lanes, not around his lane of jumps.  He did very well.  I think the other dog running pissed him off, as I've never had him hit the tug so hard or then start to growl so viciously... but other than watching the dog for a few seconds when I was calling him before looking back to me to be released, he didn't make any attempt to go anywhere but at the tug. yay!  And man does that boy have drive in all the right places.  He just explodes from a standstill.

Pan is still her awesome goofy self.  Her 3 footed turn is solid, and she's been settling a lot more in agility too.

We have a new German Guy in agility.  He's an 8 year old gorgeous, gigantic, GSD.  The Engilsh (Setter) ladies in our class have fallen head over heals for him.  He sits on the other side of the room (he's not good with little dogs, and we have a corgi in the class) so he can have personal space and stay calm.  He has been out of agility practice for a year while they did Schutzhund, so he's having a lot of control issues and lack of focus on his handler because he's just out there to have fun.  He is so balls to the wall, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  He's terrifyingly beautiful to watch.  I'm waiting for the A-frame to collapse under him!  But anyway, he sits on the other side of the room where the dog walk is currently.  Pan goes over the dog walk, hits her 2o2o, and then looks back over her shoulder.  "Did he see me do this perfectly?" I just picture her saying.

Trophy, on the other hand, doesn't like him.  I think it's just cause he hasn't gotten to smell this gigantic dog who can be quite intimidating, so I'm going to see if we can have an introduction at the next class.  butt sniff and be on our way.

But, who knows.  Trophy may just like being the only boy in the class now, and he's feeling intimidated because Pan is all twitterpated over the German dude.  Poor Trophy, his Canadian and Australian heritage is just not enough for the ladies.

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