Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What i've been doing the past two weeks:

So Trophy's birthday was on a Thursday.  On the Friday after, he and I went on a road trip to Columbus to visit a friend of mine and her doggies


and Buckwheat (who doesn't stand still. evar.)

I tried on and ordered my bridesmaid dress for her wedding, then Trophy and I said good by and met up with a dog friend of mine from North Carolina and her dogs Aeri (who I managed to NOT get a photo of), and Kestral.

And we rented a regulation dock diving pool and had a BALL!

Trophy had so much fun, and once he got in the water the first time, he was completely fine with diving and had some nice 16 foot jumps.  Then we went out to dinner and talked about dog training for hours.  We finally drug ourselves away from the table at 11pm and I finally made it home with one exhausted, completely worn out dog at 1am.

Plz turn off da light.

I discovered that I need more dog friends who are closer than North Carolina.

Trophy skipped flyball practice on Saturday because he was worn out, but I had a great practice with Demo and Pan.  Although I'm SO BEHIND on Demo's boxturn because someone has stolen our team's other jump board and hasn't brought it back, so I have no board to practice on!  *UGH* But his recalls over jumps are great, lots of drive.

Monday morning we signed up for our local dock jumping team, and this past Saturday after flyball practice we attended our first practice.  It wasn't much, the dock they use is at a local vet clinic and petcare center, and the dock is REALLY HIGH off the water.

Trophy was a really good boy though.  Had to get him in the water the first time, but after that he jumped in willingly.

It got hot enough on Sunday to pull out Pan's puppy pool.  Trophy and Demo had a ton of fun playing in the hose while I was filling it. 

 And this is how he sleeps every night.  Yay for tired puppies.

Tonight's agility class was FUN.  Trophy was back to handling like a pro.  Although he gave me one hell of a scare the first time up the A-frame... he leaped over the top and had to put on the emergency breaks to stop from flying off... and then he was back to stopping at the top again.  that was our only major issue though.  He weaves we VERY VERY GOOD.  Need to work on finding the correct entry, but he only popped out once. yay!!  When he's on point he is so very very much fun to work with. :)

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