Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smile Trophy

No agility practice yesterday due to the extremely gross and hot weather.  Trophy and I were at a lame event for work instead.  He got to show of his tricks for some little girls though and that made him happy (as you can see in the photo above - I FINALLY captured his smile in a picture!).

Flyball on Saturday was ok.  Trophy foot bled a little even though it was wrapped.  He had a recheck appointment with the vet on Monday.  She said :"his foot looks great - but oh, hey, he has a small slab fracture on this molar.  Start saving your pennies, that's expensive to pull and yes, it will need to be pulled eventually".


At least it doesn't need to come out now.

Also, no swimming until after July 9th.  Trophy's heart is broken.

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