Friday, July 6, 2012

About to get my flyball on!

There hasn't been much to blog about the past few weeks.  Trophy returned to agility the week after class was canceled due to heat.  I jumped him at 16 inches and no A-frame.  We did pretty well together, and we made it through the whole class.  This past week we returned to our normal 20 inch jumps, and other than a little motivation issues, I think we did well.

This weekend is the July flyball tournament in Sandusky.  I'm super excited as this tournament marks one year of competing for me and Trophy!!  I can't believe it's already been a year!!  It's a U-FLI tournament and we're hoping to walk away with at least Pan's TF-III (1,000points) and Trophy's TFE (2,500 points).

Not really looking forward to running in the heat tomorrow.  I finished packing my car 10:30 and I was COVERED in dripping sweat.  10:30pm should NEVER be this hot and humid.  I thought I moved home from Texas to get out of that nasty stuff?!

I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the heat.  4 gallons of water just for the dogs, cooling coats, 2 big box fans and 2 smaller battery operated fans.  I'm as good as I'll ever be, I guess.  Not to mention the million rolls of vet wrap I crammed in my bag to wrap Trophy's feet with.

I also, after much debate, decided not to camp tomorrow night at the grounds and instead will be driving home to enjoy a cold shower and my own bed before getting up early and trucking out.  (Let's hope I don't get a ticket on the way home like I did last year, however.  We don't have to make EVERYTHING a tradition.)

Ok, time to take a quick shower, throw some extra clothes in a bag (cause I'm sure I'm going to sweat through them all) and hop into bed.  Tomorrow morning will be here before I know it.

yeah, fast asleep. hehe
Demo is making his preflight debut tomorrow!  * excited*.  No box turn, no expectations, just getting him on the lanes with other dogs running in a separate ring.  Experience, he needs it.  Can't wait to see some of his times, even without the box turn.  Boy is mighty fast.

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