Friday, November 30, 2012

Confessions Of A Flyball Freak

I am, admittedly, a freak when it comes to flyball packing.

(Actually, im probably just a freak when it comes to my dogs, but that's another story...)

I'm always worried that im going to forget something majorly important (i.e. dog food or skid boots), or that i won't have enough vet wrap, or Demo will destroy the tugs i bring, and on and on.

My newest flyball aquisition was a 30inch rolling duffle bag. It holds everything. It holds everything and i have more room to pack more. My flyball bag carries more than just the bare basics, it carries everything dog related i need on a flyball trip, essentially it is my dogs' suitcase and that's why it is so large.

In my flyball bag i have:
-small plastic storage bin that holds their "racing essentials": flyball collars, flyball leashes, gloves, and their racing boots.
-small plastic storage bin with vet wrap and practice/backup skidboots.
-smaller plastic cube that holds emergency medical supplies, bandage sissors and eastic tape.
-at least 5 tugs
-small crate fans
-cool coats
-winter fleece coats
-tennis balls
-bath wipes for the dogs
-face wipes for me
-kennel name plaques
-treats and a few clickers

...And probably a few more things im forgetting.

Does anyone else have any flyball quirks? Or is it just me? :)


  1. I pack at least two bags when I go to flyball tournaments. One is my "ring side" bag, which holds stuff like flyball collars, spare leashes, tugs, toys, water for the dogs, bowls, coats, the med kit (which has vet wrap, scissors, various medications, thermometer, and more), snacks for me and the dogs, and more. The other bag is my hotel bag, which includes stuff needed at the hotel or where ever I'm staying, basically clothes, more collars and leashes, coats for the dogs, food for both dogs and me, etc. I normally end up with additional bags as well, like a "car bag" with snacks and beverages for the car trip. I sometimes split the "ring side" bags into two different bags, one with dog stuff and one with human stuff. And that isn't even bringing into account the extras like the cooler (for the dog's meat), a possible extra cooler for human stuff, chairs (I like to bring at least two, just in case), dog crates (plastic crates for the car, plus one large metal crate for at the tournament site and one large metal crate for at the hotel.

    So, no, you aren't crazy! I also obsess about flyball packing. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

    1. I didn't even go into what I pack outside of my flyball bag. I have a duffle bag for my clothes, a cardboard box of food stuff, a cooler, crates and xpen and/or crates, fedex prop, blankets and a sheet for covering their kennels...

      I'm actually really good at packing light for myself... and of course if I'm camping (which I prefer over staying in a hotel) I have my tent, tarp, cot, sleeping bag, etc, etc.

      And to top it all off I used to fit it all into my honda civic! Now my parents let me borrow their Vue for flyball weekends, thankfully.