Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Countdown to Agility Debut: 59 Days

Had a good class tonight with Trophy.  Almost didn't go because I've been having terrible foot pain for months that's not getting better, but decided it was the right thing to do.  It was a really small class, only 3 of the regular 6 students were there so I'm glad I went.  We ran through two courses that focused on weave entries and crossing using weaves.  And I learned that either Trophy was never as solid on weaves as i thought, or that he is more out of practice after a week off than I thought.  So I need to pull out my weave pole set again and work with him.  He needs to learn independent weaving, and also better entries.... just have to get him out of FIERCE HUNTER MODE when working in my backyard... *sigh* (Anyone want to buy me a manners minder for Christmas?!)

Anyway, pulling out the weaves really is not a bad thing, because I was determined to teach Demo 2x2 weaves before signing him up for Agility classes.... and well, Beginner's agility is starting in January and she's holding a spot for me and Demaroux.  I am not excited about shelling out double for lessons every six weeks, but I am excited that one of my current classmates will be starting her second dog in this same class!

And in other news, I am TOTALLY TERRIFIED about this agility debut.  I had planned on competing in CPE if I ever did compete with Trophy in agility (since I didn't really care)... and then this trial ended up being the one that my instructor pushed me towards... and now I'm kinda sorta dreaming of MACh Brokenbutt's Law of Murphy ATD, CGC, (and updated list of flyball titles here)... and it all spiraled out of control. :)

Parting thought, I need a better way to get Trophy pumped up for the ring.  We've been doing so good lately in class with him really wanting to work for me, but tonight he was back to pokey and not-so-interested.  I don't know if this was because I was really frustrated that the first main obstacle focus tonight was trying to do a blind cross after the weaves or a rear cross into the weaves and Trophy couldn't hold forward momentum during either and kept circling out of the weaves to find out what the heck I was doing, OR if he was tired from two days in a row at work (he also knocked two bars,super rare for him, and refused the A-frame once, but never hesitated when getting sucked aboard the teeter).

Gah!  Why can't this dog have tug drive! :)

Final parting thought, my friend Megan and I are roadtripping to York, PA this weekend for a big flyball tournament.  She's running Catastrophy himself, while Dem and Pan will be splitting the starting position.  I'm really excited!  A photographer will be there (not that I've purchased photos from CanAm yet) and I loooove seeing my kids in action. :)  Wish us luck and not much snow!

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