Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nothing fun going on

Demo is still sick, well, sort of.  I didn't take him to flyball practice Saturday. Sunday he threw up right before I needed to leave for work, and again Monday before the rice cooled enough to feed him.

He's getting too skinny. I got some chicken legs yesterday and boiled some up to add to his rice.  I haven't started adding back his normal kibble yet - he had just gotten up to 1 cup of kibble with 1/2 cup rice when he threw up again.

I kept Trophy home from agility last week when Demo was at the vet since I didn't know what was wrong with him.  Yesterday Trophy developed some gross diarrhea, so we stayed home from agility again.

So, unfortunately, there is nothing exciting going on here in the world of the Brokenbutts, and no scheduled Flyball practices until after Christmas. :(


  1. Scary to not know what is wrong. Did you call to make sure there aren't any recalls on the kibble you were feeding?

    1. I have not heard of one, but if it were a kibble related incident I would expect all 8 dogs to be sick, not just one. Trophy's diarrhea cleared up the next day.

      It is incredibly frustrating to not know what's wrong. :(