Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eevee Does All The Things!

Eevee turns 8 months old this month, and she is really starting to mature into one amazing dog.

Saturday in flyball practice jump sequencing started clicking into place.  I believe she really only tried to run around the jumps once, then she started plowing through the sequencing and even single strided!  Still only doing two jumps in a row since i'm not in a rush, but I'm really excited on how fast she picked this up.

Then on Saturday afternoon I'm throwing frisbees in the back yard to Baxter and E is SUPER interested.  Like, chasing down Baxter as I send him around for his disc - to the point that Baxter royally told the little shit to leave him the heck alone or next time he would eat her.  So... I pulled out another disc and threw one for Eevee... and she caught it... in the air... and she brought it back to me.

I've literally NEVER thrown her a disc before.  Not even rollers when she was a wee pupling.  I like throwing discs for Baxter, but it's not something I'm ever planning on competing in.  So I've been busy building her flyball foundation and her agility foundation, things I actually plan on competing with her in, and yet there is just something oddly satisfying about being able to throw a good throw with good disc placement and watching your dog kick butt in snatching it out of the air.  I'm really tickled that she is picking this up.

I took this video on Sunday.  I can't throw well and film at the same time, it just doesn't happen.  Usually my disc placement is much better (not always, but usually).  I don't want her jumping for discs yet, most of my throws she can just snag out of the air while she runs up to them, but again, i can't throw and record!

I'm looking forward to seeing her continue to grow up and be such an amazing little companion in everything I love to do!


  1. Looks like you are doing some good foundation work on jumping. So many people skip over that essential foundation, and end up with striding problems or jump skipping problems later, and a dog with no foundation to fall back on when they have a problem in a tournament.

    1. I've been lucky enough to train with a team that does put a good foundation on our dogs. And now that I have been doing so much more research into it and I'm taking over training for our team we really spend a lot of time on it. I'm in no rush to run Eevee, her first tournament will be September of next year at the earliest. I've done a little box work with her, but I haven't decided which way she's going to turn yet. So in practice we do about 10 reps of rump sequencing. Previous practice we just did one jump to a tug now we have two jumps to a tug, hopefully next practice she will learn 3 jumps. She's just so quick to pick up on things I love her to bits!

  2. It's awesome to see your pup having so much fun! Love, love, love both videos :)