Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trophy's Second Agility Trial

Trophy's second Agility Trial is in the books.

He was extremely mellow yesterday, and his performance in Flyball practice was - well, let's just say horrid.  We got to the trial early and he was super distracted, not his usual calm and composed self.  Not exactly stressed but not himself either.

It showed in our first run.  The course was a FAST little jumpers course.  No crappy weave entry in the opening like our first trial.  However, he went around the second jump in the opening, a dropped bar and another refusal in the closing cost us the Q.

Got him adjusted with his chiropractor after his run and we went home to take a nap before his last run of the weekend.

Much better run in Standard.  The only error being my late cue into the weaves.  Everything else he rocked.  His contacts? Rocked.  All of them.  He's such a great dog, he really can't let me down.

The other MAJOR surprise of the weekend?

I took Demo up to get measured on Saturday after flyball practice.  I only had one measure slip filled out, i just KNEW that he was going to measure over 22 inches since he's about an inch taller than Trophy and Trophy's highest measurement was 21 5/8".  Well, apparently Demo was so completely out of sorts that he slouched so hard he measured 21 3/4".  My jaw dropped.

The only other measuring official there this weekend was one of the judges, and I didn't want to wait for the class to finish, so I brought him back this morning.  The judge measured him at a whopping 20.75".  I still can't believe he measured UNDER 21 inches.  Trophy didn't even measure under 21" for his height card!!!  I'm still blown away by this amazing chance of good luck.  We had been practicing with Demo jumping 24" and he clears it with EASE, but I can rest a little easier knowing in the long run I can save his joints a little by only making him jump 20".

And since we're talking about Demo.... I just entered both boys in a trial at the end of November.  Trophy for two days of JWW and Standard, and Demo for two days in JWW only.  I'm not ready for him to do contact equipment in a new location, I want his confidence up on the familiar equipment first... but i think he's ready to try a paw at some jumps. :)

P.S. CanAm is NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!


  1. What lovely runs! And what a happy boy he is out there! Congratulations :)

    1. I'm so in love with our standard run. I really couldn't be prouder. He was off in the morning and so was my handling, but we made it all come together for Standard. :)