Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Train Wreck Agility

Tonight at agility was hard for me.  Tasha hurt herself so I ran both dogs.  Now, Trophy and I are a great team. For the most part we are very connected and he reads me well.  Not so much with Pan.  She's a train wreck most times and she's EXHAUSTING to run.  Her problem/motto is "run first, think later".

I hate front crosses because I can't see where I'm turning into, and we did quite a lot of them tonight.  I am truly surprised that I haven't fallen on my face yet.

Trophy, once again, was sucked up by the teeter when I cued him to the A-frame.  However, his contacts were much smoother tonight.  He paused twice on the A-frame, but he didn't have that smug "I could jump it if i wanted to" look on his face.  He was better with the pinwheels tonight too.  That is one thing Pan has over Trophy, her pinwheels (when she can actually focus on them) are amazingly smooth and natural looking.  Her main problem is her ADHD - she's all over the place, connected, disconnected, what's that shiny thing over there?! Are the rubberized pellets that fell off the A-frame really cookies?!?? WHEEEE JUMPING IS FUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!  The other problem is that, while I work with Trophy a lot outside of the Agility ring, I don't have the opportunity to work with Pan much (and quite frankly, if my sister wants to run agility with her SHE needs to put more work into training her, not me... but my sister doesn't work her, well, at all.)

The other thing I hate about the current class set up is that both of the tunnels are straight.  Yeah, *two* rocket booster tunnels.  Hello, my dogs are pretty speedy little flyball dogs.  Rocket booster tunnels in a course where I'm already sending them to the tunnel when I'm slightly behind them and I somehow have to get back in front of them to send them to a jump or pull them around to the teeter are near impossible.  So yeah, I wasn't thrilled with the course layout tonight, but I always feel like I'm making improvement when I work with Trophy, anyway.

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