Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Spot' On

Trophy's contacts tonight were fantastic.  The one time he hit his contact a bit too enthusiastically on the A-frame and sort of popped right off (it was like he drove it in too deep and his butt wasn't quite ready to stop or something) he immidately got back on.  Yay for a proofed "Spot" behavior!  Weaves are still killing us >_<  need more hours in the day.

Need to win the lotto tonight so I can quit my day job and play with my dogs all day everyday.  Yeah, could you all just cross your fingers for my so THAT dream could come true? Thanks!

Pan was a bit crazy tonight again.  Silly section, curved tunnel in a corner, jump on the straight away and the table slightly off to the side.  Tire jump in line with the exit of the tunnel and the jump.  I'm expecting Pan to blast out of the tunnel and hit both jumps.  Instead she bypasses both jumps and springboards off the table.  Uberdork, that one.  My sister and I switched dogs the last run of the night.  I sent Pan into that tunnel (and my sister said she saw her ricochet off the WALL OF THE TUNNEL she single strided from her landing out of the tunnel all the way over that first jump.  AT LEAST 15 feet.  It looked like she was trying to clear the jump and land on the table straight from leaving the tunnel.  The girl has mad extension and some pretty sick bounce. :)

Had 5 dogs adjusted by the chiropractor tonight.  So I'm hoping to have 5 fluid dogs tomorrow.  Demo and Qwill's backs were pretty wonky.  Trophy wasn't actually that bad, although Pan's neck was pretty out of wack.  Shiner's very lower back was out (which doesn't surprise me) and his neck was off a bit.  We'll see how they feel.

 Trophy was feeling much better today.  His jumping was more fluid.  Encountered a problem with jumps perpendicular to contact obstacles, but I think I need to rev him up a bit more first.

Always learning, we are!

Signed up for an online class in Treiball basics.  They pushed back the start date to Friday April 6th. boo!  I'm SOOOOO excited for this class to start!

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