Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What We Do For Our Dogs

Tonight at Agility my sister was feeling better so I only ran Trophy.  He was not his normal spunky self.  He was even slow when the teeter sucked him on board while we were heading towards another obstacle.  My agility instructor said he looked like he wasn't extending his stride and he looked a bit roach backed.  My instructor is also a canine massage therapist, so she felt his spine and when she touched one vertebrae on his back I thought he was going to jump out of his skin he jumped up and flipped around so fast.  She worked on his muscles a bit to ease the spasms, but by the last run of the class he was knocking bars.

So now I have an ice pack and I'm trying to figure out the best way to ice his lower back...

I wasn't planning on having him adjusted at the chiropractor next week since I've been taking it really easy on them in their flyball training... but, well, now I am.

Amazing what people do for their dogs this day in age, isn't it?

Last month when the chiropractor was at our agility building adjusting dogs I took Shiner, Pan and Trophy.  Shiner has a completely smashed pelvis from a run in with a car before he was even picked up by the shelter.  He's also a little shit to the other dogs sometimes.  Ok, a lot of times.  He has been quite chipper and much more zoomie since I had him adjusted.  It's going to be a monthly thing for him.  I'm also hoping to take Qwill this time to see if it helps him and his broken butt.

Anyway, so no major disasters for us in agility, although Trophy wasn't fully in the game physically...  Pan, on the other hand, had her little setter head screwed on straight tonight.  She was amazing.  She was actually hitting and holding her contacts.  She was right with Tasha for directions to either the A-frame or the teeter (which were almost next to each other).  She was taking directions to correct jumps and she was just SOARing.  She's going to be a beautiful dog to watch run when she's finally to that point - her weaves are still a train wreck :).

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