Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Baxter!

To the Staff of the Lake County Dog Kennel,

I adopted Baxter, a border collie, from your shelter 4 years ago today. I don't even know if you still have staff there who would remember him, he was surrendered with his brother (who was adopted), then Baxter was adopted and returned because of dog aggression. I was contacted to do an evaluation for border collie rescue, and when I was called again because he was put on the Euth list because he was going kennel crazy I came back as fast as I could to get him. I originally intended to only foster him and start rehabilitating his dog aggression, Baxter had other ideas and quickly wormed his way into our hearts. While he is still extremely cautious with new dogs and he does not like strange dogs to get anywhere near his personal space, I have not only been able to adopt 2 new dogs since he came to live here, but I have fostered dogs as well. He now lives with 6 canine siblings and since he is currently on the floor wrestling I think it's safe to say he's happy as can be. I wanted to write you a note to say how grateful I am that I was called to pick him up instead of the administration deciding to have him put to sleep for being unadoptable I'm including a picture of him in our pack group photo. The image on the top left was from the day I brought him home, May 6th 2009, and the image on the top right I took in February. He will be turning 9 this year, he is getting gray hairs around his mouth, eyes, and ears, but he still plays like a young dog and loves to chase his frisbee. Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you do.

~Lexi and Baxter

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