Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lots O' Flyball Lately!

(I'm not complaining, that's the way I like it)

This past weekend we flyballed in Greenville, Ohio.  Three hours in the car with 5 dogs, and the wonderful Jbiz.  My dogs were less than happy.  Since I had to bring a box with us along with all our camping gear, flyball gear, dogs, crates, etc, we had to take the truck.  I figured it was more cost effective on gas than taking 2 SUVs, and this way Jbiz and I had company on the drive, even if my dogs were a bit squished (It's a good thing they love each other).

We had some pretty ugly team drama rear it's ugly head this weekend, so I'm not going into details as it doesn't need to be aired here on my blog.

Trophy ran on the host team's Variety Pick Up Team,  and backed up our start dog on our Standard team.  I was given his TFE Level II pin, but according to the official U-FLI website he missed the title by 20 points (so, I'm not sure what's going on there...).

Demo ran singles all weekend.  He puts his all in every.single.run, so running a warm up run trying to help him get his striding right wears him out and slows him down since in singles it's pretty much 4 races (plus your warm up exercises) and any false start reruns  you want to take in less than 5 minutes.  However, he still managed to log a personal best time of 4.239 on Saturday.  He ran one race on Sunday and earned the 55 points he needed to earn his TF-III Title.  Good Boy, Demio.

However, the true superstar this weekend was my Pandabear.  She not only earned her TFE-I Title, but she also thoroughly laid claim to the honor of being the #1 Pointed English Setter in U-FLI.  She gave herself a 700 point lead (exactly) over the now #2 E.S.

Not a bad weekend, not a bad weekend at all.

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