Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Flyball!

I've been so rushed with everything this week that I almost didn't get to update on last week's tournament before heading off to another one tomorrow!

Jbiz and Trophy.

This past weekend was a NAFA tournament in Michigan.  3 of my dogs were signed up to share 4 spots across two teams.   Thankfully a long time ago I had requested help from my friends as I can't run two dogs on the same team, and two of my friends agreed to come to the tournament with me.  This worked out really well as back on the 16th I was bitten by a dog at work when she got her muzzle off during a nail trim and the bite got infected.  I was cleared for full use of my hand the day before the tournament.  I was so thankful that I only had to worry about running one dog all weekend.


Matty working on Demo's starts. We were being conservative on purpose, but they did really well together!
Jbiz (Cocoa's mom) was running Trophy all weekend, and my friend Matty was running Demo as Dem really likes him, and he could better take the beating that is running Demo in flyball all weekend.

There was only one major bobble with Demo all weekend, and we realized it was because we were switching boxes with him (we changed up our line ups at one point to help with making time) and he is too green to handle a change of box during a tournament.  The one race with a different box he bobbled the ball all 5 heats.  Luckily it was in the left lane and he didn't cross.  As soon as we stuck with the same box he ran beautifully.  There was also one heat where he dropped his ball early (VERY VERY unusual for him) but i think he had bit his tongue the previous heat and that may have contributed.


Trophy was my freaking rockstar all weekend.  I accidental ran him in 9 races on Saturday, I meant to switch Pan in for a few races, but in the crazy that was our schedule it somehow got overlooked.  Yay for racking up the points!

Speaking of racking up points, Demo got enough points to earn his FDCH-S (1,000 points) and Pan and Trophy took a huge chunk out of the race for their FMXes.  I also got their pins for earning 5,000 points back in February!

This upcoming weekend Demo will earn his next title (only needs 55 points), Pan and Trophy should be very close to their next titles at the end of the tournament (they both need just over 700 points to get there and I just don't think they're going to make it).

BUT  Pan will become the #1 ranked English Setter in UFLI in less than two full races!  And that is worth CELEBRATING!  WOOHOO!!

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